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Sell Well isn't another boring M&A book. It's a critical resource for business owners who want insider secrets to a successful exit.

Unlike most M&A books you’ve skimmed over, Sell Well is an engaging book that can be finished in a weekend — for business owners who want to discover:

  • An unfair competitive advantage that comes with being prepared (even if you’ve got no plans to sell yet)
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes that lead to 8 out of 10 business owner’s experiencing sellers remorse
  • How some M&A advisors fail to create a highly-lucrative bidding environment for their client’s businesses
  • Knowing what to look for in an M&A advisor and what the big banks and brokers might not be telling you
  • How to avoid being caught off-guard scrambling to get a deal done and limping to the finish line wondering ‘what could have been’
  • The surprisingly common games most bankers and brokers play far into the transaction that can be disorienting
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