Unconflicted. Unorthodox. Unrelenting.

ArkMalibu is one of the only Mergers & Acquisitions advisory firms that focuses exclusively on sell-side transactions.

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why arkmalibu?

why arkmalibu?

A Promise You Can Bank On.


Loyalty to You is
Our Livelihood.

You need a team you can trust to deliver extraordinary value, not a conflicted bank that may not bring you the best offers. ArkMalibu represents sellers. Unlike traditional investment banks who have repeat business with buyers, we’re not incentivized to encourage you to accept less than your company’s true maximum value because of future opportunities to represent those same buyers. Would you sell your company for a price based on average industry multiples of revenues or EBITDA, utilizing an investment bank that doesn’t push for the highest possible value because of its conflicts? We believe sellers shouldn’t settle. We are in your corner—many banks stand in the middle and play both sides.


Senior-Level Service is
Our Standard.

Would you trust a junior-level banker to execute the most significant financial and personal transaction of your lifetime? That’s the kind of service you can expect from other banks. Instead, ArkMalibu’s clients receive care and attention from our senior-level advisors and principals—a former CEO of two public companies, experienced Wall Street bankers, and former executives at Deloitte, GE, Nestlé, Loewen, P&G, and SAB Miller. Moreover, we understand that even though you’re selling your business, you still need to run it. Our time is your time. From analysts to principals, our team remains present and available throughout the process.


Our Unrivaled Strategy
Sells Your Story.

Our approach to achieving higher multiples than traditional investment banks includes understanding, capturing and communicating your company’s culture—the asset that can’t be duplicated. Other banks will either bypass devoting time and effort to understanding your secret sauce, will minimize its importance to your value drivers, or will not even understand the concept in the first place. Combined with a rigorous evaluation of your company’s current and future operational, customer, and financial strengths, our proprietary Four Boxes Analysis delivers prospective buyers a compelling investment story with undeniable upside. We work to identify buyers whose goals and values align with yours, negotiating tirelessly on your behalf in order to complete the deal with the best partner.


We are Anchored to
Increasing Your Value.

While others will leave you adrift, ArkMalibu is tied to your destiny; we are anchored to the goal of bringing you unparalleled value while balancing the interests and navigating the personalities of the people involved. With so many affected and so much at stake, selling a business requires almost as much EQ as IQ. With our depth of experience and intimate understanding of the human dynamics at play, we coach you through challenges and help you avoid emotional pitfalls so you can enjoy your well-deserved prosperity.


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meet our team

Meet Our Team

We’re not like other banks—we don’t have conflicted business relationships with buyers, leaving our senior advisors and principals unhindered and unyielding in their pursuit of your goals. From the first meeting to dry ink, we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations and surpassing industry valuation benchmarks during one of life’s most prodigious events.

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What We Do

As one of the most trusted Mergers & Acquisitions advisory firms, we serve our privately-owned clients based on our conflict-free market position, proprietary process, experience and creativity.

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