Unconflicted Unorthodox Unrelenting.

ArkMalibu is one of the few Mergers & Acquisitions advisory firms that focuses exclusively on sell-side transactions.

Why ArkMalibu

Senior-Level Service is Our Standard

ArkMalibu’s clients receive care and attention from our senior-level advisors, including former CEOs, Wall Street bankers, and former executives at Deloitte, GE, Nestlé, Loewen, P&G, and SAB Miller. We understand that even though you’re selling your business, you still need to run it. Our time is your time, we remain present and available throughout the process.

Loyalty to You is Our Livelihood

You need a trustworthy team for extraordinary value, not a conflicted bank. ArkMalibu represents sellers, unlike traditional investment banks that have repeat business with buyers, we’re not incentivized to encourage you to accept less than your company’s true maximum value because of future opportunities to represent those same buyers. We prioritize your maximum value without conflicts.

Our Unrivaled Strategy Sells Your Story

With our approach, we prioritize understanding, capturing, and communicating your company’s unique culture—the asset that can’t be duplicated. Our Four Boxes Analysis evaluates your operational, customer, and financial strengths, creating a compelling investment story for potential buyers. We identify partners whose goals align with yours and negotiate tirelessly on your behalf to secure the best deal.

Anchored to Increasing Your Value

ArkMalibu is tied to your destiny; we are anchored to the goal of bringing you unparalleled value while balancing the interests and navigating the personalities of the people involved. With our depth of experience and intimate understanding of the human dynamics at play, we coach you through challenges and help you avoid emotional pitfalls so you can enjoy your well-deserved prosperity.

Our Recent Transactions

ArkMalibu’s team members have experience spanning multiple industries with an aggregate transaction value exceeding $100 billion. We focus our energy and talent to creatively deliver value beyond our clients’ expectations.

Hear From Our Clients
“ArkMalibu opened my eyes as to what an investment banker should be. They were an absolute pleasure to deal with every step of the way. They became a true extension of our company and supported all aspects of our business to make sure our corporate story was properly crafted and understood by all parties—be that potential buyers, the final buyer, lawyers, accountants and everyone involved throughout our acquisition process. Their attention to detail, work ethic, communication, and ability to negotiate and navigate us through the entire acquisition process couldn’t have been better. Not only did they achieve a successful sale for us, but they became professional friends along the way who I would recommend to anyone seeking to sell his/her business.”
Don Vick CFO, Cincom
Hear From Our Clients
“ArkMalibu are true best in class professionals. They did everything they said they would do and more. They are strategic, detail oriented, and have an incredible work ethic. They are also a pleasure to work with. They were an incredible guide and resource throughout our transaction. Hiring them was a great decision! I would absolutely recommend them to anyone pursuing a transaction.”
Stephen Krooth CEO, Dominion Electric Supply
Hear From Our Clients
“We couldn’t have been more pleased with selecting ArkMalibu as our partner. From the initial correspondence to prospective buyers, all the way through the final stages of due diligence and closing, the ArkMalibu team exceeded expectations. Their expertise and knowledge of the Electrical Distribution industry resulted in our company realizing an outcome that met and exceeded all initial expectations. Communication, accessibility, and follow up were always prioritized and appreciated, as we always knew the ArkMalibu team was there when needed. Do yourself a favor and take the first step in realizing a successful transaction by retaining the ArkMalibu team as your M&A advisors.”
Mike & Steve Blazer CO-OWNERS, Blazer Electric Supply Company
Hear From Our Clients
“My late father would be pleased with both last year’s sale to Aramark, and our selection of ArkMalibu to represent us in the transaction. The Campsen family considers that a reliable test for a prudent and honorable business decision.”
Chip Campsen PRESIDENT, Fort Sumter Tours
Hear From Our Clients
"What a great experience. Selling your family business is an emotional roller coaster. We were glad to have partnered with ArkMalibu who walked with us, planned with us, challenged us, prayed with us, fought for us and advised us through the entire process of one of the most difficult things you will do as an owner. It felt like they were a part of our company. The attention to detail and tireless work is unmatched. They answer the phone, answer questions, explain what you don’t understand and keep you on plan. ArkMalibu was truly a great partner, and it is without hesitation that I recommend them if you are thinking of selling your business."
Ritchie Ware CEO, Ivan Ware & Son, Inc.
Hear From Our Clients
“We could not be happier with our decision to trust ArkMalibu with the sale of our family-owned business. Their breadth of knowledge in the distribution space coupled with their detailed analysis of what makes our company unique led to a cultural fit that surpassed our expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend ArkMalibu to any business owner who is considering an exit – they guided us well throughout the process and we thoroughly enjoyed working with their team.”
Mike Misrach OWNER & CEO, Richards Electric Supply Compnay
Hear From Our Clients
“ArkMalibu helped us creatively unlock new areas of opportunity as a business, formalize our strategic growth plan, and successfully communicate the true potential of our company to the M&A marketplace. We are beyond excited about the results and our future path.”
Aaron Bright CEO, Hippo Education
Hear From Our Clients
“We chose ArkMalibu over Wall Street firms because of their local expertise and hands-on capabilities. The company not only protected our best interests but also provided around-theclock service and advice. Their expertise and insight helped move the deal to completion.”
Bill Krul CEO, Miller Valentine Group
Hear From Our Clients
“The journey and challenge of starting a company, trusting God, and partnering with excellent people is rewarding. ArkMalibu has assisted NovaVision in finding a partner to take NovaVision to a bright future.”
Al Caperna FOUNDER, NovaVision
Hear From Our Clients
“We could not be happier with our decision to trust ArkMalibu to lead our M&A process. From the start, the ArkMalibu team took the time to uncover exactly what made TherapyTravelers special, and conveyed that to the market. They learned the details of our business and helped us scale our operations to achieve maximum results. Their breadth of experience in running transactions and navigating the unexpected (and the expected) gave us peace of mind throughout, even when there were many competing priorities and seemingly conflicted scenarios to sort out.”
Geneva Milne CEO, Therapy Travelers
Hear From Our Clients
“I could not have expected more from a financial advisor than that which ArkMalibu provided in our transaction. They worked very closely with me to ensure that the value of Wiseway Supply was evident when we were ready to find a partner. Working with ArkMalibu ensured that we found, out of many interested, the right partner that valued our team and would provide additional fuel to turn my familyowned company into a platform that will grow even more aggressively than we have in our first 50 years. Without hesitation, I would recommend ArkMalibu to business owners contemplating a transaction.”
John Cain CEO, Wiseway Supply
Hear From Our Clients
“ArkMalibu has what it takes to maximize a deal and get it over the finish line. They were tenacious, insightful, and offered excellent counsel throughout each stage of our transaction. We couldn’t get our deal done on prior attempts with big-name attorneys and advisors, but ArkMalibu made it happen, and with far less stress.”
Gar Liebler PRESIDENT, LandArc
Hear From Our Clients
“We are thrilled with our decision to trust ArkMalibu to lead the M&A process for Becker Electric. The firm’s high level of service and professionalism were evident throughout every step of the process. They kept our deal on course and all the moving parts focused; they always had our best interest and goals as their top priority. Their M&A expertise was instrumental in navigating the market. When we set out on this journey, we were determined to find a partner that would uphold the culture we’ve built over many decades. In the end, we couldn’t be happier to have secured a great deal for the Company with a well-respected long-term partner in Kendall Electric.”
Tom Becker CEO, Becker Electric Supply
Hear From Our Clients
"I was very pleased with the quality of the work performed by ArkMalibu. Their team showed experience and knowledge as they helped us make some important decisions regarding our strategic direction. They made a complex deal go smoothly.”
Tom Shepherd CHAIRMAN, Shepherd Chemical Company
Hear From Our Clients
“ArkMalibu advised me over the last several years during a very important transaction. Their expertise and guidance were profoundly beneficial. Their diligence, wise counsel, experience and insights helped us maximize value. They provided clarity that helped shed light on how all parties would be affected. I felt well-prepared and confident with their help and I would recommend their analytical and cultural approaches to any middle market company looking for fresh perspective and a unique approach backed by many years of experience."
Bill Koeblitz CEO, Mobility Works
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What We Do

As one of the most trusted Mergers & Acquisitions advisory firms, we serve our privately-owned clients based on our conflict-free market position, proprietary process, experience and creativity.

Sale of Companies

ArkMalibu advises business owners by making highly informed and relevant recommendations on steps towards finding a great partner or monetizing their businesses.

Sell Side Advisory Services

Perhaps an exit isn’t your ultimate goal, ArkMalibu’s expert team of senior advisors lead businesses through the process of defining and refining your goals and objectives.

Meet Our Team

Our senior advisors and principals are unhindered and unyielding in their pursuit of your goals, dedicated to exceeding your expectations and surpassing industry valuation benchmarks during one of life’s most important events.

Considering a sale of your company, but not sure where to start? Schedule a free consultation with us to learn about company valuations and how to best prepare to maximize value.