Sale of Companies

Sale of Companies

ArkMalibu advises business owners by making highly informed and relevant recommendations on steps towards finding a great partner or monetizing their businesses. We help you maximize value by effectively conveying your company’s investment merits and minimizing the buyers’ perceived investment risks.

Art of the Possible

As one of the most trusted boutique investment banking firms, we leverage our proprietary process to serve our privately-owned clients based on our experience and creativity. We focus our energy and talent on turning culture into capital so that we can creatively deliver value beyond our clients’ expectations.

We believe that finding the right answers requires proactively asking the right questions

We solve complex problems through intense intellectual curiosity

We discover and communicate both the company’s realized and unrealized value

We offer a unique, client needs based approach to deals

Our Proprietary Approach

Unlike other firms, ArkMalibu approaches valuation and deal-making with rigor as well as creativity. We not only illuminate your company’s financial potential, we tell your story.

Go-to-Market Plan


Prepare the Company for Market:

We develop a comprehensive strategy, assess corporate culture, and evaluate growth potential, appraising the company’s value and recommending approaches to enhance market value.


Take the Company to Market:

Our team will create a comprehensive landscape of potential buyers or acquirers for the company. We unlock value for the company and the acquirer by matching strategies and cultures. We connect the principals of sellers and buyers and shepherd the negotiation and due diligence processes.


Secure the Optimum Deal:

For our clients, achieving ‘maximum value’ involves balancing multiple complex goals, from peak transaction value and stakeholder outcomes to deal terms, timing, philanthropy, upfront cash, tax efficiency, and estate planning. ArkMalibu navigates the process to create maximum value, as defined by you

The Four Boxes

ArkMalibu guides the formulation of your unique value story through our proprietary four boxes approach with specific focus on your company’s corporate culture, operations, clients and financial results and expectations. We perform a thorough analysis to assess how each box impacts your company’s value and how that value can be best communicated to prospective investors or partners.

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ArkMalibu’s experience spans multiple industries with an aggregate transaction value exceeding 80 billion. We focus our energy and talent to creatively deliver value beyond our clients’ expectations.

Represented by ArkMalibu

Represented by ArkMalibu

Represented by ArkMalibu