Who We Are

We’re not like other banks

We don’t have conflicted business relationships with buyers, leaving our senior advisors and principals unhindered and unyielding in their pursuit of your goals. From the first meeting to dry ink, we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations and surpassing industry valuation benchmarks during one of life’s most prodigious events.

Selling a company requires both intelligence and financial rigor, and that is ArkMalibu. We’re a steady ship in stormy seas—here to guide you through uncharted territory with experience, integrity, and confidentiality at every step.

Partnered with Subject Matter Experts

ArkMalibu partners with Subject Matter Experts (“SMEs”) to accelerate success, delivering executive experience on-demand in all industries and for all functions. Our SMEs connect ArkMalibu with industry veterans with 25+ years of operational experience who deliver specialized expertise targeted to our clients’ unique needs and circumstances. Our SME model is highly flexible, collaborative and consultative, enabling ArkMalibu to get results utilizing resources specific to our individual clients.