ArkMaIibu Advises Cincom in its Sale to PartnerOne

June 24, 2024, Cincinnati, OH — Cincom Systems, the world’s first independent software vendor which predates Apple and Microsoft, has been acquired by PartnerOne, one of the fastest-growing enterprise software groups in the world. Terms were not disclosed.

Tom Nies solidified his stature as a pioneer of the software industry when he founded Cincom 56 years ago in Greater Cincinnati. His accomplishments have been recognized in the Smithsonian alongside Bill Gates and Steve Jobs for leading a global software movement. He has been characterized by then President Ronald Reagan as “the epitome of the entrepreneurial spirit of American business.” He comments on the transaction: “ArkMalibu is a company of integrity and talent and they get results. On top of that, they were enjoyable to work with.”

Today, Cincom Systems is an international provider of flexible software solutions to optimize complex business processes, including configure-price-quote, customer communications management, business application, and development solutions.

Don Vick, CFO of Cincom, commented on the transaction: “ArkMalibu opened my eyes as to what an investment banker should be.  They were an absolute pleasure to deal with every step of the way.  They became a true extension of our company and supported all aspects of our business to make sure our corporate story was properly crafted and understood by all parties.  Their attention to detail, work
ethic, communication,  and ability to negotiate and navigate us through the entire acquisition process couldn’t have been better.  Not only did they achieve a successful sale for us, but they became professional friends along the way who I would recommend to anyone seeking to sell his/her business.”

“ArkMalibu is honored to have advised Cincom in this transaction. The acquisition by PartnerOne ushers in the next phase of Cincom’s role in the software landscape
worldwide. Confidence in this partnership has enabled Tom Nies to retire after building an incredible legacy, and we are proud to have guided this historic business combination,” said Chris Robichaud, President at ArkMalibu.

Brian Bish, former Managing Director and newly appointed CEO of Cincom, commented on the transaction: “ArkMalibu provided the knowledge and skills we needed to make the transition of a 56-year-old family run business to its new home as smooth as possible.  They were always there to guide, help, advocate for us, and keep us focused on the end results as we went through the selling process.   The ArkMalibu team was a pleasure to work with and our owner was satisfied with the
results,  can’t ask for more than that. The executive team and I believe that Cincom has found the perfect permanent home within the PartnerOne family.”

PartnerOne Portfolio Manager Andrew Hall said, “Cincom’s impressive history of product leadership across a variety of markets fits naturally into the PartnerOne group of companies. We are excited to invest in Cincom’s future and provide it with stronger resources to ensure its success for another 50+ years.“