Jacqueline Molnar

Senior Advisor

Industries of Expertise: Financial Services, Compliance, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Public Sector
Notable Employers: Western Union, TD, Wells Fargo, State of Hawaii

Jacqueline Molnar is a Senior Advisor at ArkMalibu with a proven track record of leading companies through seemingly insurmountable problems to great success.  She has an extensive background in banking law, financial services, compliance, and transformation.

Throughout her 25-year career, she has become known for her sound legal and business advice, guiding and leading companies to great success and profitable growth.  While at various global law firms, including Gibson Dunn, Latham & Watkins and Herbert Smith, she worked with companies focused on financial services, payments, banking and FinTech.  During her tenure at Wells Fargo, TD Bank and Western Union, Jacqueline was known as a turn-around expert with the ability to solve seemingly intractable problems, transforming troubled elements of organizations into their strongest assets. Jacqueline resides in Denver, Colorado and spends significant time as a board director, including philanthropic work with the Denver Public Schools Foundation where she focuses on ensuring every student has the resources and opportunity to get the best education possible.  When not working, Jacqueline enjoys traveling with her family and sharing adventures in the outdoors, particularly SCUBA diving and hiking.