Susanne Dusing

Executive Assistant

Susanne Dusing is the Executive Assistant at ArkMalibu. She joined ArkMalibu in November 2021 after 22 years at Procter & Gamble, serving 16 years there as an Assistant to executives ranging from the SVP & Chief Technology Innovation Officer, CEO and President of a P&G subsidiary, and the SVP of Corporate Function R&D. Before P&G, she was a legal secretary for 13 years at Greater Cincinnati law firms.

Susanne graduated from Thomas More College (now University) with BAs in English and Theatre. She was active with the Villa Players in acting, technical, marketing, and stage management roles. She also served on the Words publication board for two years.

In her free time, Susanne enjoys ministering to people through the written and sung word, reading, and listening to podcasts, as well as spending time with her husband Phillip, their two adult daughters, and her friends.