Todd Gardner

Senior Advisor

Industries of Expertise: SaaS, Financial Services, Startups, Enterprise Software, Commercial Leasing, Marketing & Advertising
Notable Employers: Deloitte, PNC Bank, SaaS Capital, Blue Chip Venture Company

Todd Gardner is a Senior Advisor to ArkMalibu and a subject matter expert in the software-as-a-service, (SaaS) industry. Todd was the founder and CEO of SaaS Capital, the first and largest specialty lender focused on SaaS companies.

Todd launched SaaS Capital in 2006 and over the next 14 years funded over 65 SaaS companies in the US and Europe. As the company founder, Todd designed a unique underwriting model and loan structure that better served the growth capital needs of SaaS businesses while mitigating risk for investors. Each of SaaS Capital’s three investment funds was oversubscribed, and each delivered either top decile or top quartile returns with zero underwriting losses.

As a thought leader in the space, Todd published numerous articles on the SaaS business model, including: “What is Your SaaS Company Worth?”, and “How Do Top Performing SaaS Companies Spend Their Money?” In addition, Todd created and launched the largest survey of private SaaS businesses in the world, and is a frequent speaker at SaaS conferences.

Todd sold his ownership in SaaS Capital in April of 2020 and now advises high-growth SaaS businesses in the US and Europe. Prior to SaaS Capital, Todd was a partner at Blue Chip Venture Company for ten years where he focused on investing in enterprise software businesses and assisting in their growth as a board member. As was the case at SaaS Capital, all of Todd’s software investments at Blue Chip generated positive returns for investors.

Prior to Blue Chip, Todd was Manager at Deloitte Consulting where he focused on large-scale software deployments. He started his professional career at PNC Bank as a Commercial Loan Officer focused on leveraged buyouts and commercial leasing.

Todd graduated Cum Laude from DePauw University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and received his Master’s in Business Administration with honors from Indiana’s Kelly School of Business. In his free time, Todd enjoys spending time with family and friends playing golf, tennis, swimming, and chess.