M&A Market Monitor – April 2021

ArkMalibu Industry Snapshots, First Quarter 2021

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U.S. & Canada M&A Overview

  • 1Q21 deal count in the U.S. and Canada maintained its strength with 5,620 transactions closed during the quarter (110% of the 5-year Q1 average)
    • Marks the highest quarterly deal count during this fourth M&A wave
  • All major Global Industry Classification Standard sectors experienced positive growth in deal size and count during the quarter on a year-over-year basis
    • Despite being down 25% from the Oct-Dec 2020 quarter, aggregate deal value during 1Q21 finished at 187% of 1Q20 and 114% of the 5-year Q1 average
  • Median deal pricing ended 1Q21 at 11.6x EBITDA
    • Up 9.4% from 10.6x across 2020 and in line with the previous 4-year (2017-2020) average
  • Above average software M&A appetite extends into 1Q21 driven by companies forced to adapt to software solutions due to the COVID-19 shutdowns
    • Excluding real estate operating entities, the application software industry increased its share of total transactions to 9% (120% of five-year average Q1 transaction count)
  • Strong global M&A backdrop supports continued strength in the U.S. & Canada market
    • Global mergers and acquisitions activity totaled $1.3 trillion in deal value during 1Q21; Up 94% compared to last year and represents the highest year-to-date figure since 1980
      • The United States accounted for roughly 50% of total deal value globally
    • Massive “dry powder” supports continued acquisition activity in 2021
      • $262 billion in implied buying power from the SPAC community (assuming a 2.7x leverage multiple)
      • $693 billion in cash and equivalents on strategic acquirers balance sheets
      • $1.9 trillion in “dry powder” from global private equity
    • 80% of IPO’s in the first quarter were SPACs, signaling continued momentum after a record 2020
      • 1Q21 saw 301 total SPAC IPO transactions netting $98 billion in gross proceeds
      • This outpaces all of 2020’s count and value (in only 1 quarter); annualized 2021 count and value would represent a YoY increase of 4.9x and 4.7x respectively
      • Year-to-date, 295 SPACs are actively searching for takeover targets
      • While growth has been impressive, cracks are beginning to emerge as evidenced by the 3x increase in dollar value of short shares for SPACs; $724 million in short shares as of March 2021. Also, the PIPE market has stumbled recently.

U.S. Equity Market Overview

  • U.S. equity markets continue to surge higher on the heels of new stimulus and falling COVID-19 cases
    • As of March 2021, the 7-day moving average of new cases in the U.S. is 34% of that in Dec 2020
  • After a short-lived dip in January, all major U.S. indices posted strong gains during 1Q21 led by performance in small cap stocks:
    • Russell 2000 (+12.7%), DJIA (+8.3%), Russell Mid Cap (+8.1%%), S&P 500 (+6.2%), and Nasdaq Composite (+3.0%)
  • Similar to last quarter, cyclical and economically sensitive stocks outperformed during 1Q21, reinforcing investor belief in a broad economic recovery
    • Technology (+1.9%) was the worst performing Morningstar sector index during the quarter while energy (+30.7%), financial services (+13.0%), basic materials (+11.3%), and industrials (+11.2%) were the top performers
    • All major value indices outperformed their growth counterparts during the quarter
  • Analysts estimate +23.3% earnings growth for S&P 500 companies during 1Q21 and expect double digit earnings growth for the remaining 3 quarters of the year
  • Investors appear to be immune to market valuation concerns as the NTM P/E ratio for the S&P 500 ended the quarter at 22.7
    • 27.5% higher than the 5-year average and 42.8% higher than the 10-year average

COVID-19: Stimulus and Improving Economic Indicators

  • Fiscal stimulus, continued vaccination roll-out, and rebounding investor optimism support the projected 7% U.S. GDP growth rate in 2021 (would mark the largest annual growth rate since 1984)
    • During the quarter, a third COVID relief package was passed totaling $1.9 trillion (~14% of GDP)
      • $1,400 stimulus checks for qualifying individuals; $300 of additional unemployment benefits per week through early September; $1000 increase in the child tax credit to $3,000 per child
      • $160 billion in funding for vaccine and covid testing program; $360 billion for state, local, and territorial governments; $170 billion for school reopening efforts
      • $29.9 billion in grant money targeted at the restaurant and live entertainment industry
    • Renewed optimism of the U.S. consumer marked by the Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence Index increasing 21% in March to 109.7
      • Although TSA traveler throughput data remains at 59% of 2019 levels, many major airlines are seeing rising demand and one (United Airlines) believes that it is possible to hit 2019 levels by the end of 2021
      • With a majority of states now opening up vaccines to all adults, 37% of adults have received at least one dose (16% of the total population are fully vaccinated)
    • 916,000 additional jobs were added during March, representing the biggest monthly gain since August 2020 and 2x increase from February
      • The unemployment rate continued its descent from the start of the pandemic ending the quarter at 6%; Goldman Sachs is estimating 4.1% unemployment by the end of 2021
      • 43% of jobs added were leisure, hospitality, and construction end markets
    • The average speculative-grade bond spread over U.S. Treasury bonds hit a record low during February of 3.89%
      • Marks the lowest spread since 2007 and indicates an increased risk appetite by investors as the economic conditions continue to improve

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