ArkMalibu in the News

The holiday season is in full swing, and ArkMalibu remains hard at work delivering excellence to our partners and clients as we finish 2020 and head confidently into 2021. We have been vigilant in updating you about the state of the M&A market, but wanted to pause and share a few ways ArkMalibu is involved in the community this quarter.

“Mergers & Acquisitions: Tips for a Successful Transition”

First, check out our Founder & Managing Partner, Peter Kubasek, in “Mergers & Acquisitions: Tips for a Successful Transition”. In partnership with Oswald and Oxford, Peter and other influential leaders discuss the trends of transitioning a business, strategies for setting up a deal, post-transition planning, and the opportunity for investments.

To access the recording, follow this link and utilize the password Transition2020!

“Everything You Should Know About A Liquidity Event, But Probably Don’t”

Next, check out Peter’s interview on The Sell My Business Podcast, with host Jeffrey Feldberg. Peter addresses the topic “Everything You Should Know About A Liquidity Event, But Probably Don’t”. Points of discussion range from a carefully crafted exit team, preparing now to save later, and the importance of culture, to taking time for family, incorporating laughter, and the inspiration of loved ones.

To access the podcast, simply click here.

The Culture Quotient

Last but certainly not least, read an exclusive interview with our Chairman & Partner, Rene Robichaud, in the recently released book The Culture Quotient by Greg Besner. The Culture Quotient is based on never-before shared insights from 1,000+ organizations and millions of employees, revealing essential culture qualities that help organizations prepare for and thrive in the face of a constantly changing future. Rene discusses the critical role communication plays in navigating change and creating a thriving and healthy culture, sharing his experience as the former CEO of NS Group.

To access The Culture Quotient and obtain information on how to purchase your copy, click here.

ArkMalibu remains committed to our community, as well as our clients and partners, amidst the uncertainty of our changing world. We encourage you to check out the resources listed above, and to see them as a source of encouragement and direction in challenging times. We are here to serve and help your business and our community thrive.

Until our next announcement, stay safe and healthy this holiday season!