Spotlight: Peter Kubasek Speaks on Passion Behind Serving Sell-Side Clients

Recently our Managing Partner Peter Kubasek was highlighted in a CEO Network’s feature article, where Peter discusses the inspiration behind his career as an investment banker and why he enjoys serving sell side clients. See his discussion blurb below to learn more about Peter and his career, and the highlights he’s experienced.

“As a kid, I saw my father work tirelessly at his business for years, only to sell that business for a fraction of what he could have received. All the grit and tears he put into it, and all our family sacrificed by his absence, were valued at a lower amount than fair. I saw this happen to my father and how it affected him and our family years later, so I made it my mission as an M&A advisor to protect business owners from the same outcome.

When you work with clients to sell their businesses, it is not just a project for them, it is their legacy and passion on the line. Our clients spend years, decades, even generations building and protecting assets that have weathered many storms and given them purpose and passion throughout their lives. Some of the best moments of my 30+ year career in investment banking have been witnessing business owners’ joy, elation and tears when they achieve that maximum value and can make an impact far beyond themselves.

Maximum value is only achieved by working with an advisor who is loyal to clients, pursues the greatest possible outcome (where value is relative to the client), seeks and highlights critical investment merits, and is available for client needs, offering hands-on service. There are many pitfalls in the M&A process, and a proper advisor will guide you through with confidence and determination. There are also many ways to prepare yourself and your company for success ahead of time, so when you come to the table and seek an advisor, you are ready.”

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